Q4 Marketing LLC owns and operates a number of businesses divisions including digital marketing, importing, golf manufacturer, and product distribution. 

Business Properties:
GreenDeals.org: Coupon & deal site promoting eco-friendly products and green businesses
Perfect Pitch Golf: Manufacturer and distributor of golf training aids including the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat and Putter Cube.
Q4 Imports: Product importing and sourcing from overseas manufacturers for retail and ecommerce clientele.
Q4 Marketing Interactive: Online marketing and consulting with expertise in digital marketing, SEM, SEO, analytics, and social media.

Please contact us about our business divisions. 
Jonah Mytro, CEO of Q4 Marketing LLC is an expert in performance marketing having worked in the Internet Marketing industry since 2003. He has worked with an extensive list of clients in the financial, education, and debt industries, working to meet their performance and conversion goals. Feel free to connect with Jonah via Twitter or LinkedIn.
Internet Marketing Tools and Resources
Compete.com - Analytic and Traffic Monitoring

SEO Book - Keyword Traffic Report

Googspy.com - Competitor PPC Bidding Tool   

Quantcast.com - Demographic and Media Planning
Google Analytics - Free Analytic Tool 

Blogspot.com - Web Blog Tool
Wordpress.com - Website and Blog Application
Twitter.com &
Facebook.com - Social Media Sites